Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Your chance to train with Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio to become a certified Youth Mental Health First Aider is here.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Third Presbyterian Church, 3358 McHenry Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225
Cost: FREE! There is no cost to you for this course, normally $170 per person, due to a SAMHSA Aware Community grant awarded to Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio

An evidence-based program that has been adopted by 23 countries, YMHFA involves 7 1/2 hours of intensive instruction and hands-on application. YMHFA teaches adults how to identify and assist a youth with a mental health problem. Utilizing a five-step action plan, participants learn how to assess for risk of suicide or harm, listen nonjudgmentally, give reassurance and information, encourage appropriate professional help, and encourage self-help and other support strategies. In addition, participants are provided information on how to effectively navigate the youth mental health resources available in Greater Cincinnati.

Certified Youth Mental Health First Aiders leave training with a stand-alone, evidence-based, “toolkit” that provides the community, both laypeople and health professionals, with a common framework, language and knowledge-base to create and implement a support plan for youth experiencing a mental disorder or in crisis.. Over the last 12 months, MHA of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio, has certified over 2000 people, including: teachers, nurses, faith-based groups, counselors, social workers, and parents.

Advocating for the Underserved

Leila, founder of Parents 2 Partners, has been featured in this month’s issue of Toastmasters International! You can read the article in the October ’17 issue or online at this link:

Innovation Toward Inclusion

Parents 2 Partners has been chosen as one of a select group of nonprofit organizations to participate in Innovation Toward Inclusion with the the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. This comes as part our deeply held committment to continue serving those with developmental and/or physical disabilities and to work together to build a more inclusive Tristate region.

Advocate for Change by Speaking at TedX

If, like our team at Parents 2 Partners, you’ve wanted to advocate for change to improve outcomes for your community, you may want to share your ideas with a larger audience by presenting it at TedX. As a former TedX speaker and now speaking coach, I’ve put together my top ten tips for winning a slot at a TedX audition:

10 Tips to Increase Your Chance of Winning a TedX Audition

Winners of Shinola’s #RollUpOurSleeves Contest!

Parents 2 Partners was selected as winners of 2017 Shinola #RollUpOurSleeves contest for our mission and passion to make our community a better place! We are thankful for all the support that continues to make our community outreach possible and successful.

Our work was recently featured in an article on the official Shinola Detroit blog, The Journal. You can read the full article here: Shinola Blog Feature.