Advocating for the Underserved

Leila, founder of Parents 2 Partners, has been featured in this month’s issue of Toastmasters International! You can read the article in the October ’17 issue or online at this link:

Congratulations Tori!

Recently we held a transformative week-long workshop for emancipated foster youth with intensive training and mentoring–an extreme makeover of mind, heart, and faith. When we learned from the foster youth about their lost dreams and struggles, we worked to help these youth resolve the barriers needed for them to move forward to success. For example, the young men didn’t know how to shave, put on a tie, and didn’t have warm clothes to walk around in for a journey of job searching. Another could not obtain a birth certificate because he needed proof of his identity with a photo ID to obtain an ID, which he would need for employment. We worked with community members and leaders to resolve these and other issues, and sought to help elevate, empower, and educate these kids so that they may succeed.  After only one week in this program, all campers who completed our program to date have successfully secured employment and/or acceptance to college.

Meet Tori after our Under the Stars camp!

He went through an amazing transformation during our Under the Stars program, part of which included a career-ready makeover. He got a haircut, received work clothes, new shoes, and a coat for his long walks to work. He became employed by the YMCA shortly after finishing Under the Stars and is now working with at-risk youth.  He now has plans to attend Miami University for an Education major. We are so proud of you Tori!

Would you like to join our outreach and serve as a mentor? These youth need guidance of a community members on daily aspects of life, and we are will provide help to guide you as needed. Make a difference and change a life!

by Leila Kubesch

Leila Kubesch piloted the Under the Stars camp for five aged out foster youth for five days at YMCA Camp Campbell Gard. This program helped participants develop skills for success. The information gained by P2P, such as of the main challenges faced by these youth, will be used to develop future programs.

Under the Stars