Youth Programs

Under the Stars (for Youth-at-Risk):

We offer an interactive program to empower youth and help them develop social skills. This includes training them on better verbal communication and in body-language training. Activities include improv games for youth across ages.

Support for Bully Victims and Other Vulnerable Youth:

We offer an interactive program that empowers youth through the development of better social skills. Our workshop includes training in better verbal communication and body-language cues. Activities are offered through improv games for youth across the ages.

Family Programs

Anti-Bully Interactive Workshop (for Parents & Youth):

We have conducted research on bullying for 20 years and studied this problem across countries. We have discovered that ethnic families are the highest transient and move from one school to another, but the problem does not end. Youth victims tend to have difficulty moving forward even when they have ample support and resources at home. Did you know that bullies target certain behavior? Learn what these behaviors are to be released from trauma that bullying inflicts on the victim.

30-Hour Parent Academy (for Family Members):

In this program, parents learn to set high aspiration for themselves and their children. The Parent Academy training includes addressing cultural challenges, connecting them with resources, and guiding in becoming an integral part of their child’s academic success. Training is offered in various languages. We are the only organization that works closely with hard-to-enter ethnic communities and offers all of our services using the language they understand, along with cultural responsiveness and faith understanding they value.


Staff Development

Fund & Run Service Learning Programs (for Staff and Students):

Service learning projects that stem from student initiative are engaging and exciting. They push students learn to think beyond themselves, they learn to apply all academic skills, and develop a cooperative mind-set though team-building. Did you know that there are many grants that can be written by students? We train staff and students on how to write these grants and direct successful programs.

Staff Professional Development:

We offer professional development services, customized to the needs of your school. We cover topics including:

  • * How to effectively prevent bullying using a multicultural approach
  • * How to communicate effectively with non-English speaking parents
  • * How to conduct an interactive dialogue with parents
  • * Understanding diverse cultural perspectives

Our presenters are multilingual and Ohio licensed in various subjects. We adjust our PD to your time frame for staff development.

Other Staff Support Services:

We coach and co-teach using the SIOP teaching model and TPR (Total Physical Response). We assist staff in developing engaging service learning programs for students. We also mentor struggling staff members to help them improve their instruction and boost achievement.

We administer testing OTELA/OGT and serve to interpret for testing. We also interpret OTELA testing data by converting raw data into comparative graphs and explain to staff how to plan instruction for their ELL students.

Student-Led Conferences:

We train staff and their students on how to conduct a student-led conference to engage both the students and their parents and increase parental presence and involvement in your school. We supply the resources and translated materials for a successful program.